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When to start arranging your Kilt hire

We all look forward to all year the summer and your upcoming special occasions. With weddings, graduations, proms, ceilidhs, christenings, highland games, balls and so much more just on the horizon, it is easy to worry about the preparation closer to the time. But if your looking for a kilt hire, it's good to keep in mind when to start arranging your kilt hire for the busy summer ahead & upcoming functions.

Kilt hire
Kick off 2024 by arranging your kilt hires with Kiltsforhire

How do I book my kilt hire? -

Regardless of the type of the type of kilt or hire your looking for, it is all booked the same way. There's two main ways of booking your kilt with us.

How fra in advance should you hire a kilt
We are proud to offer the largest tartan range available for hire.

We are proud to offer the largest tartan collection available for hire in Scotland. Our experts have masses of experience and knowledge and strive to have you looking and feeling your best for your special occasion.


We would love to see you in our store and meet the team. In store you can browse our entire tartan collection and carry out mock fits and try on's of your kilt hire. One of our experts will guide you through your options and get a feel for what you are looking for.

We understand it can be intimidating being presented with so many options and some highland wear technical terms. Building your kilt hire is stress free with our supportive team helping you pick and style your kilt highland wear outfit.

Once you've selected your tartans or have some in mind you can do a mock fit to try on some jacket styles with the tartans you are considering. You will briefly be measured by one of our team while in store. You may be asked to come back in for measuring closer to the function date to ensure the best fitting kilt hire. young boys will be asked to come in for a remeasure around 4 weeks before the function due to growth spurts.

How long before a wedding should you hire a kilt
Our team will ensure a quick & hassle free booking process

Great! You've build your kilt outfit, maybe did a mock fit and been measured what now?.

A staff member will fill out an order form with you double checking your selections, measurements and take your names, height, address, email, phone number and function date. You will be given a copy of this to keep and bring back and given a pickup date a few days prior to your function.


Can't make it to our store? Not to worry at Kiltsforhire we still offer everything on our site here. You can browse the full collection of tartans we offer and the different variations of kilt packs & still customise and build your unique kilt outfit tailored to you.

You can browse our website range or we have brochures here the same as we would show you in store available here. Our website explains and breaks down the booking and selection process so you can have a quick stress-free booking process from the comfort of your own home.

Arranging kilt hire

How far in advance should you hire a grooms kilt
Exemplar Kilt hire page

When you find a tartan you like, the menu will display drop-down options for each part of selection process, from here you can customise your shirt, tie, jacket, sporran and accessory options.

If you are unsure on styling, there is a gallery of the jacket options and styles for every tartan page along with styling advice under the imagery.

Kilt pricing will automatically Update based on your selections and there is boxes to inform us of your sizes, details, function date and more.

If you are unsure of sizing, we have multiple self-measuring forms and videos to help you. One of our team will reach out and double check and confirm all selections, details, and sizes.

If you make a mistake anywhere this can be updated by contacting us at

How do I book a wedding party -

Looking to book more than one hire? easy. If you are in store we will create a group master sheet with each person's names and outfit selections along with the party booking details like name, function date.

Don't worry if your entire party cannot make the initial booking, party members can come in another time to be measured and have their details taken. All the party booking hires will be ready for collection at the same time and can be picked up by multiple persons.

Grooms kilt hire
We offer 6 for the price of 5 on selected tartans available for hire

Party booking online is essentially the same just update the quantity of hires needed along with as many details as possible for party member's, not to worry if you don't know every party members sizing we can collect and double check that at a later date. ensure party bookings are all made in the one order on our website.

How far in advance should I book my kilt hire? -

2024 kilt hire
Capture the magic of 2024 looking your best with Kiltsforhire

In short, as far in advance as possible. It's easy to let these things slip but even having your details and function date with us is a great start we don't expect you to be making all these decisions and being measure well before needed.

Our recommendation is around 6-9+ months prior to the function date. This ensures you can select from our full range. We have certain amounts of each tartan kilt, in each size, in each jacket and so on and so forth. Sometimes we may need to stop booking some tartans and jacket options if they are booked out due to demand and stock quantities.

The summer wedding season May - September is our busiest time of year with many people booking from the start of the year prior. It is good to get ahead be prepared, it causes no harm and ensures you have complete customisation and widest range of options offered. Booking less than 6 months or last minute can result in limited stock and options available in you size or for your function date.

Last minute & long kilt hire -

Although we highly recommend booking in advance, we understand situations arise where you need a last-minute kilt outfit and not to worry Kiltsforhire can still have you fitted in a premium highland wear outfit for your occasion. Depending on your location and how close the function date is we can always arrange something for you. Please note we highly recommend you avoid this by booking in advance even though we can accommodate last minute bookings.

The availability of your sizes in our stock will vary depending on how last minute you are booking. The more last minute the less & less will be available but we will make our upmost efforts to give you as much choice and range as we can allocated.

Arranging kilt hire
Our hires come with everything you could need to complete your kilt outfit

Travelling for your function? - We offer long hires, which are ideal for cross border/country travelling.

When you book a hire your booking that kilt outfit for the weekend, typically picking up Thursday/Friday and returning on the Monday or for weekday pickup Monday/Tuesday returning the Friday.

A long hire is where your function prevents you from being able to return the next working day i.e. travelling etc. This comes at a slight additional cost as it takes us longer to receive the hire back and have it dry-cleaned and rehired out the following week.

Can't collect your hire? -

Kiltsforhire send out premium highland wear across the globe, making highland wear accessible to everyone. We have one standalone store established in 1909 our wee shop in the heart of paisley. We understand not everyone can see us in store or collect their hire.

We can your kilt packs directly to your front door, or even your venue. If you are within the United kingdom we can send your kilt pack to your delivery address of your choice, your hire will arrive in plenty of time and is simple to ship back to us.

Glasgow kilt hire
Come see us in store at 67 High street Paisley

If you are looking to have a hire shipped internationally, we would appreciate if you could reach out to us at to see if we can find an arrangement that suits you. It is more complicated to ship hires internationally due to different shipping rules and processing in each individual country.

If you have any enquires about kilt hire booking or anything else our team would love to welcome you in store or alternatively reach out to us at or call us on 0141 889 4879

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