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Where's best to hire your kilt?

Updated: Jun 1

Looking to source your next kilt hire? We understand organising your kilt hire can be daunting, especially to those who maybe haven't hired a kilt before. But not to worry this post covers the best places to consider hiring your kilt from for the best value and quality of highland wear in Scotland.

When hiring your kilt, you want to look your best and have your kilt hire booked and organised stress free. Kiltsforhire are experts in highland wear and have been bringing premium quality kilts to people since 1909.

Kilt hire in Edinburgh-

Edinburgh brings in hundreds of thousands of tourists in every year from all over the world, people come to Scotland to be enriched in our culture and it's natural beauty. Wearing a kilt is on every Scottish enthusiast list as Scotland's national dress is celebrated and worn all over the world.

Anyone who's lived or visited in Edinburgh is aware there is no shortage of Scottish themed shops and kilt shops in Edinburgh. These types of tourist attracting shops tend to sell mass produced non authentic poor quality kilts which attract tourists to wear their first kilt.

When hiring your kilt you want to ensure you're getting your moneys worth and when wearing your kilt outfit its obvious who's wearing quality highland wear. Edinburgh is the capital and takes in large amounts of revenue from tourists. Due to the nature of Edinburgh, everything including highland wear is more expensive, its the capital of Scotland and a key hot spot for tourists. Kilt hire in Edinburgh can be up to 25% more expensive and tend to have longer turn around times.

If your looking to hire a kilt in Edinburgh, kiltsforhire can ship kilt hires straight to your front door or venue, you can also pick up from our shop that Is just 5 minutes away from Glasgow airport or just over an hour drive from Edinburgh on the M8.

Kilt hire in Glasgow -

If you're looking for kilt hire in the Glasgow area, there are multiple options but for the best highland wear available for hire, Kiltsforhire has the best valued and competitive pricing for kilt hire. Based just outside Glasgow, you can save around 20% with our kilt hire prices compared to Glasgow city centre and Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has a higher mark up due to being a key tourist spot but kiltsforhire has the best prices and largest tartan range available for kilt hire. Kiltsforhire has been established in the heart of Paisley just outside Scotland since 1909, a 4th generation family run business and team of highland wear experts on hand.

Many of the kilt shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh are large corporate companies branching out into the highland wear market but for proper Scottish made, 100% wool traditional kilts and highland wear look no further than kiltsforhire.

We only use the best suppliers, tartans and highland wear goods in the country. Your kilt hire with us will be a statement of enduring quality & with 100 years of expertise in the industry our experts can have you looking and feeling good for your special occasions.

Why hire with us -

Scotland is not short of kilt shops by any means but kiltsforhire are one of the longest running authentic Scottish highland wear shops, using only the best Scottish suppliers, materials, kiltmakers with over 100 years of family expertise.

There is no hard hitting sales techniques here just a team of experts with a shared genuine passion for what we do. We aim to bring you highland wear at its best directly to you, making premium highland wear accessible to everyone.

We are proud to offer the largest tartan range in Scotland available for hire, we have a wide range of tartans, jackets and accessories. Your hire has everything you could need for the perfect kilt outfit completely customised and tailored to you. Our in house alterations team will ensure your hire fits you like a glove.

Booking your kilt hires couldn't be easier with kiltsforhire, whether your booking through our website which breaks down all your hire customisation and pricing. If you visit us in store our team can help you pick and style your kilt outfit and have you measured up in a flash or mock fits of jackets and kilts to help you customise your hire to you. We take care of everything and ensure your hire is ready in plenty of time.

Picking up & posting hires -

If you're able to pick up your hires, they will be ready a few days prior to the function with an agreed pick up date. Your kilt hire is neatly organised in a garment bag and one of our expert will show you where everything is along with the opportunity to try your kilt hire on and make any change overs if needed.

If you haven't put on a kilt before, one of our team will talk you through it and ensure everything is sitting and fitting correctly ensuring you look your best for your occasion. If you take your hire home to try on and would like to change anything over you can call the store and we can arrange a changeover for your hire.

If we are posting your hires to you, upon agreement we will double check all your contact information and shipping addresses along with everything you have selected for your kilt hires. Your kilt hires will be posted in plenty of time, please be aware though posted hires come with additional costs due to postage and insurance purposes.

Long hire & Last minute hires -

Got a last minute function? we can organise your kilt hire last minute. Although we recommend booking your hire 6-9 months ahead of time, we understand this isn't always possible. Regardless, we can always accommodate. If you're looking for a last minute hire, your hire will still come with everything you need but your selection of tartans and jacket styles may be more limited depending on stock availability. If you're looking to book a last minute hire, the sooner you can reach out to us the better.

Long hires are suitable for longer distance functions, if your travelling across the country or to another. a long hire essentially means you have the kilt hire itself for longer to cover travel time. The standard hire is booked out from Friday- Monday for weekends or 3/4 days windows for midweek functions. When booking a long hire there is an additional charge as you're in possession of the outfit for longer meaning it cant be hired while you have it for.

If you have any questions on kilt hire, bookings, or anything, we would love to welcome you in store or alternatively you can reach out to us at or call us on 0141 889 4879
You can shop our full hire range available to browse and book at

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