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Hiring your first kilt

Updated: Jun 1

Have you got a special occasion coming up? Wearing a kilt outfit is perfect for your events and embraces the beauty of Scotland's national dress. We understand when booking a kilt hire it can seem overwhelming if you have never worn a kilt before or worn the full highland wear outfit. Not to worry this post covers everything to know when hiring your first kilt.

Why hire with Kiltsforhire?-

Hiring a kilt couldn't be easier with Kiltsforhire. Kiltsforhire is one of the longest standing kilt shops in Scotland specialising in quality premium highland wear. We bring Scotland's national dress to people all over the world, we only offer the best valued and priced kilt hires available ensuring highland wear is accessible to everyone.

Hiring a kilt allows you to look and feel good and customise your hire outfit to you and your event, you will stand out in the best quality highland wear made in Scotland.

There are no hard hitting sales techniques here. Just our team of experts with genuine passion for highland wear. We will ensure you are looking your sharpest for your function and create a stress free easy booking and hire process.

What is included in your hire?-

We don't do half measures here at kiltsforhire. Our kilt packs come with everything you could need for the perfect highland wear outfit. In your kilt pack your receiving over £1500 worth of premium top of the range quality highland wear goods.

Your hire is made up of:

  • A heavy weight quality 8 yard tartan kilt

  • One of our super lightweight breathable tweed/black jackets .

  • A genuine, high quality animal fur sporran and chain straps

  • Leather belt and metal buckle

  • Shirt, socks & cufflinks

  • Ghillie brogues

  • Kilt pin, Sgian Dubh & flashes

This makes up your entire kilt outfit, you can customise your kilt pack to however you please if you're unsure on styling our experts offer great advice on what compliments each other or if your shopping online you can find tartan styling notes under the image on the product page.

Building your kilt hire pack-

The process of booking your kilt hire is exactly the same in person as booking online. If you have a colour scheme in mind it is worth bringing a photo or fabric swatch in store or having one to hand when booking online.

The first step in any kilt outfit is:

1. Picking your tartan

-We are proud to offer the largest tartan range in Scotland available for hire. We have a tartan for everyone.

2. Picking your jacket

-You can either opt for a more formal black jacket which comes in a few styles or opt for a colour tweed jacket which we can match to one of the colours in the tartan.

3. Sporran & Accessories

-Your sporran is the focal point of your outfit once you have selected your tartan and jacket it is a lot easier to style the rest of the outfit. To finish off you would pick a matching colour sporran and if you decide you want shiny jacket buttons & accessories or antique jacket buttons & accessories.

Kilt hire pricing-

Your kilt hire can be completely customised to you, this means your kilt hire price will depend on the upgrades and choices of your own hire. Each tartan has a starting price on its product page and you can see the hire price update as you select your kilt outfit options.

Hires start at a price of £115 up to £395 , the higher cost hires are more likely for imported tartans and premium upgrades. Our Bute heather collection, which is an exclusive range to Kiltsforhire and our best sellers, these run from £115 to £175 for the complete outfit, all accessories, shirt and socks.

We offer 6 for the price of 5 on selected hire tartans for party bookings.

This means if you had 6 hires at £120 = 6 x £120 = £720 but with this offer your total would only be £600.

I.e. 5 hires and 1 free / 6 hires at the price of 5 ( £100 per hire)

Picking up and returning your kilt hire-

If you're local to Glasgow Scotland you would pick your hire up a few days before your function and return them the next working day, this means you can try on your hire instore/at home and we can make any changes if needed.

We can ship hires to further afield in which we would ship it in advance and you would ship it back to us but for long distance hires we would book you for a long hire in which you pick up your hire instore and take it to your function and return it when your back, this is at an additional cost as the goods are booked out for 2/3/4 weeks and can't be hired out again during that time.

If you have any questions or enquires on kilt hire or anything else, we would love to welcome you in store or alternatively you can reach out to us at or call us on 0141 889 4879

You can browse our hire range here, and view our hire brochure here.

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