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How do I hire a kilt?

Looking to book your first kilt hire ? or not sure how to book in.  No worries this blog covers everything you need to know on building your kilt outfit, booking & collection.

We understand, Weddings & special occasions can get super busy and stressful and at Kiltsforhire we aim to make a seamless kilt booking experience to take one thing off your plate & bring you the best highland wear available.

What are you booking & What is in your hire -

If you haven't booked a hire before or aren't sure what your after when booking kilt hire not to worry its

so simple. lets discuss what's in your hire.

We offer a few different hire options:

  • A full kilt outfit hire

  • A full kids outfit hire

  • A full tartans trews outfit hire

  • A full dinner suit hire

  • Partial hire (suitable if you only need a kilt or jacket or single accessories).

Our most booked hire type is a full kilt outfit, this comes with everything you could need from head to toe all details & accessories.

A full trews outfit consists of a full outfit including shirt, tie waistcoat jacket trousers & brogues and essentially is the same as a kilt hire just with the tartans trews of your choice.

kilt kilt hire accessories

A partial hire will consist of whatever garments of accessories or footwear you are missing to have a complete outfit so say you already own a kilt we can give you a discounted hire as you don't need a kilt or if your only missing one thing like shoes or jacket we can hire you just the price of that one item.

Your hire is fully customisable to your own style & preferences we are proud to offer the largest tartan range available for hire in Scotland. when booking online or in store you can build your dream kilt outfit & customise as you like with a wide range of tartans, jacket styles, multiple shirt, socks & finishing options & we offer an extensive size range.

What is actually in the hire outfit?

Our kilt hire packs include:

kilt hire
We have hire options to suit any style & budget
  • A quality traditional hand made 8 yard kilt in your selected tartan

  • A matching coloured tweed or black jacket with matching waistcoat with your choice of button finishings.

  • Your choice of tie, socks & shoes

  • Leather belt & metal buckle

  • A high quality animal fur / leather sporran in your choice of colour with chain straps

  • All accessories including your kilt pin, Sgian Dubh, cufflinks & tartan flashes.

  • And a high quality pair of leather ghillie brogue shoes.

Booking process in-store -

When you come In-store you will be greeted by one of our friendly tartan experts who will talk you through the hire, what's included alongside asking about your function, when its for , where it is and party number.

You will then be guided through out high brochure & shown around our sales floor which has many mannequins displaying different styles of jackets, tartans & accessories to help your build your dream kilt outfit with one of our experts.

Kilt hire booking
One of our experts will take you around our show room

When booking your hire you get to customise your hire to your own preferences and can put down second choice tartan / jacket if your unsure once you have decided on your kilt pack, you will be measured alongside your details will be collected incase we need to contact you.

Once booked we will see you possibly for a re-measure if your planning to lose/gain weight or if not we will see you when you collect your hire & try them on & we can make any changeovers if needed & ensure your all good to go.

Booking process online -

At Kiltsforhire, we offer everything on our site here. You can browse our full collection of tartans and explore various kilt pack options. Customize and build your unique kilt outfit tailored just for you.

Browse our website range or view our brochures, which are the same as those we show in-store. Our website explains the booking and selection process in detail, ensuring a quick, stress-free experience from the comfort of your own home.

how to book a kilt hire

booking kilt hire online

When you find a tartan you like, the menu will display drop-down options for each part of the selection process. Customize your shirt, tie, jacket, sporran, and accessories.

If you're unsure about styling, each tartan page includes a gallery of jacket options and styles, along with styling advice.

Kilt pricing will automatically update based on your selections, and you can fill in boxes to provide your sizes, details, function date, and more.

If you're unsure about sizing, we offer self-measuring forms and videos to guide you. One of our team members will reach out to double-check and confirm all selections, details, and sizes.

If you need to make any changes to your booking, you can contact us at

Collecting & returning hires -

If you're local to Glasgow, Scotland, you can pick up your kilt hire a few days before your event and return it the next working day. This allows you to try on your kilt either in-store or at home, and we can make any necessary adjustments.

For customers further afield, we can ship your kilt hire in advance. You'll need to ship it back to us after your event. For long-distance hires, we offer a long-term hire option. You can pick up your kilt in-store, take it to your event, and return it when you come back. This option incurs an additional cost, as the kilt is booked out for 2-4 weeks and cannot be hired out again during that time.

Last minute & long hires -

Got a last-minute function? We can organize your kilt hire on short notice. While we recommend booking your hire 6-9 months in advance, we understand that this isn't always possible. Rest assured, we can accommodate your needs regardless of the timeframe. For last-minute hires, you'll still receive everything you need, although your selection of tartans and jacket styles may be more limited based on stock availability. The sooner you reach out to us, the better we can assist you.

Kilt hire near me
Your hire will typically be ready 2-3 days before the function unless a last minute hire

We can prepare kilt hires in as little as a few hours. For those traveling across the country or internationally, we offer long hires. This option provides you with the kilt hire for an extended period to cover your travel time.

Standard hires are typically booked from Friday to Monday for weekends or for 3-4 day windows for midweek functions. Long hires come with an additional charge, as the outfit cannot be rented out to others during your extended use.

If you have any enquires about kilt hire booking or anything else our team would love to welcome you in store or alternatively reach out to us at or call us on 0141 889 4879

You can browse our full hire range here & for additional information on the booking process you can also read here & FAQs here.

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