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Spirit of Bannockburn tartan

Here at kiltsforhire we are proud to offer the largest tartan selection available for kilt hire in Scotland. With such a Large array of choice its sometimes hard to choose, our blogs spotlight different tartans & their background so you can decide which is the right one for you.

Todays tartan focus is: Spirit of Bannockburn.

The spirit of Bannockburn tartan has a rich history & is one of the easiest tartans to style due to its dark colour variations of green, blue, black, purple & white. The colours were designed to reflect the scottish lands & the blood, sweat & tears of the soldiers who fought for scottish independence.

Where did it come from-

The tartan is a modern tartan that was designed to honour the battle of Bannockburn 1314 which took place close to Stirling Scotland. the battle was a key aspect of scottish history as one of the most significant initial victory battles to the Scots during first war battles of scottish independence as Robert the Bruce led forces to victory over defeating the English army.

The tartan was a modern creation to reflect the rich history & blood, sweat & tears that Scots fought during the battle of Bannockburn. The mixed dark and muted tones of colour within the tartan highlight the sombre but resolute mood of the battle. These colours symbolize the Scottish landscape, the darkness of the times, and the bloodshed and sacrifice of the warriors who fought for Scotland’s independence.

The tartan was originally called Scotland the brave but was changed by lochcarron, the tartan was designed for ACS for weaving, kiltmaking, accessories & kilt hire & is a completely open to the public although its owned & registered to lochcarron.

Alongside this, this tartan was created to embrace a key part of scottish history & allow wearers to honour their scottish heritage, celebrate scottish victories & highlight the tremendous united spirit within the scottish people.

Bannockburn Clan & affiliations -

The concept of clan tartans as we know them today became popular in the 19th century, particularly during the Victorian era, when there was a revival of interest in Scottish culture and traditions.

The term "Bannockburn clan" does not refer to a specific Scottish clan. Instead, it references the Battle of Bannockburn in Scottish history which featured multiple clans uniting together for battle including clan Bruce led by Robert the Bruce himself, MacDonald, Douglas & Stewart.

The idea of creating tartans to celebrate historical events, such as the Battle of Bannockburn, fits within this tradition of using tartans to express identity and heritage.

Styling this tartan -

For styling for a semi formal / day outfit, we recommend one of our classic charcoal or navy tweed jackets with black buttons & matching navy or charcoal socks.

This tartan could be styled with a white shirt and semi dress light fur sporran for a brighter look or styled with a black shirt and dark fur semi dress sporran for a darker look.

Either options can be styled with a tartan or tweed tie to match & with black ghillie brogues.

Additionally for a formal occasion this tartan could also be styled with black jackets, Prince Charlie or argle Braemar. these jackets are more suited for formal events & you can have the choice of shiny or antique buttons & accessories.

Either of these could be styled with black socks or navy to match the tartan, dress fur sporran & black ghillie brogues.

If you have any questions on kilt hire, bookings, or anything, we would love to welcome you in store or alternatively you can reach out to us at or call us on 0141 889 4879.

You can browse our spirit of Bannockburn tartan hire here.
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