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Green tartan kilt hire

When deciding to hire a kilt outfit, the first step is to pick your tartan & this can be daunting for some. We are proud to offer the largest tartan selection available for kilt hire in Scotland but how do you decide? Well, our most hired and universal tartans are typically greys and greens as they can be easily styled and there's a wide range of green/grey neutral tartans to choose from.

We have over 80 tartans available for kilt hire.
We have over 80 tartans available for kilt hire.

Green is typically one of the most commonly reappearing colours across tartans as it links back to forestry and nature, with modern perceptions of it linking to the Irish & catholic heritage. Most uses remain with the traditional meaning and use. Seen across thousands of tartans, green in tartan is usually representative of hunting tartans.

Sage green tartans -

weathered patriot kilt hire
Weathered patriot tartan styled with green lovat tweed jacket

Green is one of the most commonly used colours in tartan, however sage green has emerged as a new trend within newer tartans.

Despite green being common in most Tartan design going back to the earliest clan tartans, Sage Green is a rather new colour with almost no major clan tartans making use of it, but a few generic tartans use it and have made it a more popular shade of green for tartan use in modern times.

Our sage green tartans being our best sellers and a more subtle way to have green tartan that fits many colour palettes and has neutral tones to suit many types of event and be styled in multiple ways.

Some of our most popular green tartans:

Isle of Skye tartan

Isle of Skye has a heavy sage green tone with the sett including elements of violet, burgundy brown, dark green blue and off-white centreline. Isle of skye is instantly recognised due to its popularity since its creation in the early 90s due to the beautiful green and purple hues within the tartan.

isle of Skye kilt hire
Isle of Skye tartan swatch

This district tartan was designed in 1993 by Angus MacLeod and its not tied to any specific clan or family but in relation to the physical land itself.

The Isle of Skye tartan was named as the Isles official tartan through MacLeod winning a competition and has become instantly recognisable.

The tartan design takes inspiration from the neutral landscape and colours of the island, with the sage green specifically making reference to the islands beautiful green hill scenery.

For kilt hire we would advise you style this tartan with either a green lovat tweed, black Braemar or black prince jacket, with either black or green socks to match, all styled with your choice of shirt, tie and accessories.

Hunting Bute tartan

Hunting Bute kilt hire
Hunting Bute tartan

This tartan is part of our own Kiltsforhire Bute heather collection, designed by the owner Ken MacDonald.

The Bute heather collection is a series of our privately owned exclusive tartans, designed asselection of grey neutral tartans with variations of pops of colour so we have a tartan to fit any colour palette.

Hunting Bute features a mix of light and dark charcoal grey tones with black accents and a sage green centreline. the green within this tartan is more subtle than some tradition green tartans but is perfect to style with a charcoal or green lovat tweed jacket along with your choice of shirt & tie colour and all other accessories.

Hunting Bute builds on the use of the neutral grey with some Sage Green added on top linking back to nature and the forest from the original symbolism of Clan Hunting tartans.

This like all the Bute range is an established tartan that we have had for many years but is still a generic Modern tartan compared to the long history of traditional Clan tartans. However, the benefits of this is that it can be worn by anyone and can work well with more modern outfits,

Weathered Patriot tartan

 Weathered patriot kilt hire
Weathered patriot tartan

Weathered Patriot is one of our newest additions to the hire range and has now become our most popular and booked tartan for kilt hire.

Weathered Patriot is a fan favourite as it has a mixed mid grey and sage green base with blue and white accent centrelines.

This tartan is perfect for a variety of colour palettes and looks good on absolutely everyone.

This emphasises the rise of sage as a colour that has become popular in recent years despite its almost complete absence from traditional Clan tartan design and works well for modern highland wear outfits and is proving to be very successful for a variety of events.

We would recommend styling this tartan with a black Braemar, black Prince Charlie, silver tweed or green lovat tweed jacket along with your choice of socks, shirt, and all other accessories.

Why hire a kilt with Kiltsforhire?

Kilts are most commonly associated with weddings but, did you know there's a wide variation of events you could hire a kilt for to look sharp for all your special occasions, You're kilt pack is completely customisable. Hiring a kilt is the best way to embrace our beautiful national dress for a fraction of the cost of total value of your hire worth £1500.

Houston kiltmakers kilt hire
67 high street Paisley, PA1 2AY

Our kilt hires come with everything you could need for your occasion, we don't do half measures, you're getting only the finest quality highland wear for budget friendly prices with your shirt and socks included and all you're highland wear accessories.

Our staff are well knowledgable and can easily help you build your perfect outfit, having you look and feel good & with the choice of the largest tartan collection in Scotland available for hire, we've got something for everyone.

For any enquires on kilt hire you can visit our website here to browse our hire collection or for any kilt hire enquiries feel free to contact us on 0141 889 4879 or alternatively email us at

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