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Grey tartans for Kilt hire

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Thinking of hiring a kilt for your next function? There are thousands of tartans available and at Kiltsforhire we are proud to offer the largest selection of tartans available for hire. This guide covers the perfect neutral grey tartans to consider for styling & customising any kilt outfit and have you looking and feeling good for any occasion.

Why hire a kilt for your next event? -

Well for most Scotsmen a kilt outfit will be worn multiple times throughout their life. Some assume kilts are just for Scottish weddings and yes, they are typical Scottish wedding attire, but kilts can be styled for almost any event casual or formal.

So why hire your kilt? Our hire kilt packs come complete with high quality premium highland wear from top to bottom. Your hire comes with everything you could need to look sharp for your occasion.

Neutral tartans are relatively universal, meaning if you don't have a clan tartan for your name or wish not to wear a clan tartan there's many grey neutral tartans you can chose from.

What tartan should I chose for my event?

There are thousands of tartans to choose from plain black to every colour in the sett. There is no rule to what tartans should be worn to what occasion, but neutral grey tartans are perfect to look smart and fit any colour palette or theme. Ideal and neutral for dinners, parties , ceilidhs, christenings, celebrations , wedding guests & much more.

This guide covers an introduction of some grey tartans to consider for your next function and how they can be styled.

Bute heather collection:

Our Bute heather collection is what we are well known for. A collection of mixed neutral tartans ideal for any occasion designed by the owner Ken MacDonald, the Bute heather collection is ever growing and has an array of grey tartan variants with pops of colour to match almost any colour palette.

The Bute heather collection has been our most successful and popular tartan range at Kiltsforhire since 2007.

Here's some of our most hired tartans:

Grey Bute - One of the most perfectly neutral grey tartans, with white, black, light and dark grey tones.

Bute mist - Tweed tartan, cooler toned greys with more subtle sett pattern.

weathered patriot - Our best seller, this tartan is a gentle grey base with shades of blue and black.

Blue Highland granite - Beautiful range of deep greys with small pops of white and pale blue colour.

Glencallum - Mix of light & charcoal tones with black and cyan accent colours.

Kyles of Bute - Same charcoal grey sett pattern as Glencallum and Stradd but with royal blue centre line.

Hunting Bute - Similar to grey Bute but with a sage green centreline instead of white.

Stradd - Light and dark charcoal greys with black and vibrant violet accent lines.

St Mirren - Dark charcoal grey stripes with a triple red line and grey centre line.

Midnight Bute - Mixed greys with charcoal and pale pink lines.

Weathered Bute - Dark grey set with a neutral fawn/beige centre line and white accents.

Other grey tartans to consider:

Grey watch tartan -

Grey Watch is a generic tartan designed for modern neutral colour palettes and isn't associated with any clan or family but is supposedly traced back in history to the Grey family of Scotland.

The tartan is made up of lines of various shades of grey that is thought to symbolise loyalty, courage, and determination. Grey Watch is a play on the existing famous Black Watch tartan despite the pattern sett and colours being different.Grey Watch was designed with the aim of being a feminine version of black watch but it's one of the most common neutral tartans available.

This tartan is a relatively dark grey sett pattern with black stripes, very minimalistic and ideal if you are looking for a neutral subtle tartan kilt.

Hamilton grey tartan -

One of the most popular grey tartans is the Hamilton Grey. This clan has played a big role in Scottish history but can actually be traced back to north England.

Hamilton grey kilt hire
Hamilton Grey tartan

The Hamilton Clan would continue to have major influence on Scotland throughout history as a lowland clan, growing a close association with the Stuarts and becoming an influential power in Scottish politics in the 17th century.

Many Scottish figures can be linked to the Hamilton clan as one of the most influential clans of Scotland. The tartan has overlapping shades of grey, and blacks form an intricate sett representing the long history of the clan.

Grey Granite tartan -

Grey Granite is a perfect neutral and subtle tartan ideal for any occasion, Grey Granite also has some similar tartan variants with different subtle pops of colour like silver & mauve Highland Granite.

Grey Granite is another great tartan that doesn't belong to a clan or family and is welcome to anyone to wear.

There are existing variations of grey in certain clan tartans, there's a lack of clan tartans with any grey at all as it is more of a modern colour appearing in more generic tartans. Some grey clan tartans were not really appearing till the late 19th century.

This is reflected in our own range of tartans with most of our tartans having a prominent grey base with other colours being added on top for the perfect range of neutrals to match any colour palette and easily styled with a silver, charcoal, or black jacket.

Our hires come complete with everything you could need for your special occasion, with kilt packs to suit every budget we are proud to offer the largest tartan range available to find your perfect tartan.

For any further enquiries on booking hires & more feel free to contact us at or alternatively visit us in-store or call us on 0141 889 4879

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