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Blue tartan kilt hire

Updated: Mar 30

When choosing a tartan for your next hire can be difficult, you want to select a tartan that best fits and represents you. At Kiltsforhire we offer the widest range of tartans available for hire in Scotland to give you the best range of tartans to chose from.

With this much choice how do you chose? Well there's been a rise in popular tartan colours like green, blues and grey. We have something for everyone and this post covers blue tartan suggestions for your next kilt hire.

Why chose a Blue tartan-

Blue is one of the most commonly seen colours across tartan, and can represent all kinds of things with the use of different shades and variants of light blue, mid blue and navy blue tones. Many blue tartans will be in combination of other tones like purples, greens and greys.

Blue tartans have become increasingly popular as a new trend within newer tartans, blue tartans can be tied into colour palettes and compliments all skin tones and features.

Some of out best sellers are blue tartan variants as they are more subtle than some garish tartans and is more subtle. Blue is featured in a lot of neutral toned tartans making it ideal for different occasions and unlimited styling options.

Bute heather collection - Blue tartans

Some of our blue tartan best sellers have been from our own Bute heather exclusive collection. This collection features a range of tartans designed to fit any colour palette easily styled and classic colours. The majority of the Bute heather tartans feature grey tones with varying colour accents like blue, green & red. we will focus on the blue Bute heather tartans for now.

  • Ancient Bute- A sky blue base tartan with purple, green, black and white accents throughout with a dark purple centreline.

  • Kyles of Bute- A charcoal grey base with black & light grey accents with a royal blue centreline.

  • Glen Callum- A charcoal grey base with black & light grey accents and turquoise centreline.

Other common blue tartans-

Blue highland granite - A light and dark grey base with and light blue accents.

Blue spirit- A royal blue tartan with black and white accents.

Blue Ramsay - A teal blue and black base with white and black accents.

Help for heroes- A sky blue base with navy, grey and red accents.

Rangers F.c- A royal blue base with black, white and red accent stripes.

Saltire- A navy blue base with black, white and light blue accents.

Patriot modern- Dark navy base with sky blue, black and white accents.

Anderson- Sky blue base with red, yellow, white, black and blue accents.

American national- Dark navy and black base with red, white and green accents.

Why hire with us -

We have the largest tartan range available for hire in Scotland meaning you have the best range of choices. We have a tartan for anyone, our experts have years of experience and can help you build your dream kilt outfit.

Blue kilt hire
Kilts for hire can have you looking and feeling the best for your occasion

We are a 4th generation family owned business established since 1909 we have been bringing quality highland wear to people all over the world. Our kilt hires are examples of premium highland wear outfits as we only use the best quality, tartans, suppliers and accessories.

Your kilt hire will come with everything you need for your special occasion and can be completely tailored to your own liking. Your hire should fit like a dream with our instore alterations team that can alter your hire to your own measurements.

If you have any questions or enquires on kilt hire or anything else, we would love to welcome you in store or alternatively you can reach out to us at or call us on 0141 889 4879

You can browse our hire range here, and view our hire brochure here.
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