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How much does it cost to hire a kilt?

Updated: Jun 1

Before we break down the pricing behind a kilt pack for your special occasion. It's important to understand what comes in the kilt packs and what you're actually getting for your money.

It can seem a little overwhelming when hiring a kilt outfit , our hires are completely customisable to your needs but there's a lot of choice which can be overwhelming at first glance. At Houston kiltmakers we aim to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible.

cost of kilt hire products

So let's break it down. Your kilt pack comes with everything you could need for the big day , all the accessories and small details are included in our kilt packs. We offer different hire kilt packs for different budgets and occasions but they all include your chosen tartan kilt , jacket & waistcoat, shirt , tie , cufflinks , socks , shoes , flashes , sporran, chain straps, belt & buckle, kilt pin & Sgian Dubh all stored in an easy carry sturdy garment bag.

We only hire the best quality products we have to offer , we take great pride in making highland wear accessible to as many people as possible. We have something for everyone.

Our hires have super comfortable lightweight jackets , our premium 8 yard heavyweight tartan kilts , a variety of sporrans in lovely animal fur finishes & high quality leather day sporrans, your button finishing and accessories can have shiny hard wear or antique & our kilt packs can be completely customisable to your liking with additional upgrades.

kilt hire prices

This guide will explain and breakdown our kilt ranges we offer to accommodate different budgets and occasions.

the short answer is hires can typically range between £100-£170 for the full kilt pack for 5 days (we have your hire ready a few days before and hires are usually returned the next working day.)

The Basic range kilt pack

Our basic kilt packs have a choice of 14 tartans & 4 styles of jacket. This is a basic kilt pack for a standard kilt outfit for any formal occasion. We suggest booking a basic range kilt pack 3 - 6 months prior to the function date.

In this kilt pack you receive a your kilt along with a lightweight black prince Charlie jacket with 3 button waistcoat with shiny buttons, or black argyle Braemar jacket with 5 button shiny waistcoat, white shirt in a bat wing or standard collar, basic black bowtie or ruche tie, basic black semi dress/ dress sporran, kilt pin, belt & buckle, black or grey socks, flashes, Sgian Dubh & ghillie brogue shoes.

Our basic kilt range starts from £100 with room for additional upgrades, this range fits sizes between 34''-56'' chest & 28''-50'' waist.

Upgrades include - Black shirt +£5 - Shoulder plaid & brooch +£25

- White socks +£5 - Dress sporran +£10

- New shirt and socks to own +£30 - Plain colour or tartan ruche or tie +£5

- Extra Jacobite shirt to change into +£10 white / +£15 black

- White ghillie shirt pack ( kilt pack with no jacket & waistcoat , ghillie shirt only)

Minus -£10 off kilt pack.

Special range kilt packs -

In our special kilt packs you have the choice of 50 tartans , 12 jacket styles in 5 colourways. This range fits sizes 34'' - 64'' chest & 28''- 62'' waists.

In the special kilt packs you will receive our lightweight prince Charlie jackets in Black or Navy with a 3 shiny button waistcoat or Black or Navy argyle Braemar jacket with 5 shiny button waistcoat, white shirt, classic Black bow/ ruche tie, quality dress or semi dress sporran in Black Sealskin, kilt pin, belt & buckle, cufflinks, socks in Black/Navy/Grey, flashes , Sgian Dubh & ghillie brogue shoes.

A special range kilt pack has a base price of £110 - £145 depending on the tartan with the option of hire pack upgrades & specialist jacket upgrades.

including :

-Black shirts +£5

-White or silver socks +£5

-New shirt and socks to own +£30

-Plain colour or tartan ruche or tie +£5

-Tartan handkerchief +£5

-Shoulder plaid & brooch +£25

-Tweed Braemar jacket with 5 button waistcoat with imitation stag buttons +£20

available in mid grey, navy & silver.

-Extra Jacobite shirt to change into in the evening +£10 white + £15 black.

-Waistcoat variations subject to availability , please see contact details for further information.

- Specialist jacket upgrades -

There is the choice of upgrading to a specialist jacket for +£60 on all hires, this includes a variety of jacket styles.

fashion contemporary jackets ( no epaulettes & 5 button waistcoats):

- Crail / Silver Grey tweed with antique buttons or Mid Grey barathea with imitation stag buttons.

Classic jackets ( no epaulettes & 5 button waistcoats):

-Sherrifmuir / Light Grey or French Navy barathea with imitation stag buttons

-Prince Charlie / Charcoal Grey tweed with 3 button waistcoat & imitation stag buttons or Black barathea with Black buttons.

-Argyle / Charcoal tweed or Black barathea with Black buttons

-Braemar / Black tweed or Black barathea with Gold buttons.

- Crail / Green lovat tweed & Dark Green tweed.

kilt hire glasgow

Exclusive hire range kilt packs -

Our exclusive hire kilt packs are the most comprehensive with 75 tartans to chose from , 30 styles of jackets in 12 colourways at a base price of £170 for sizing up to 62'' chest & waists between 18'' - 46'' . Also available in boys sizes.

These kilt packs include our lightweight argyle/ Braemar in navy/black with shiny or antique buttons or tweed jackets in silver/navy/with black imitation buttons or mid grey with imitation stag / shiny / antique buttons or black Sherrifmuir / prince Charlie in black/navy with any any button finish, variations of waistcoat & jackets in dark navy. all matching shiny accessories , seal skin sporran , belt & buckle , chain straps, kilt & kilt pin, Sgian Dubh, socks in navy/black/silver/off-white, flashes , any shirt, any ties & cufflinks.

We also have specialist upgrades for these kilt packs including:

(all +£50 extra)

- contemporary fashion & classic jackets-

Crail - Silver Grey Arrochar tweed 2 button front & 5 antique button waistcoat

Charcoal / Navy tweed 2 button front with 5 imitation stag button waistcoats

Mid Grey barathea with 2 button front and 5 shiny button waistcoat.

Green lovat tweed & Dark Green tweed with 2 button front & 5 button imitation stag waistcoat

Sherrifmuir - Light Grey or French Navy barathea with 5 shiny button waistcoat

Prince Charlie - Charcoal Grey tweed with 3 shiny button waistcoat

Braemar - Black herringbone tweed with 2 button front & 5 imitation stag button waistcoat

Navy midnight with Black buttons

+£25 For shoulder plaids and brooch

kilt accessory hire

Boys hires

We offer kilt packs for kids as young as 6 months that include everything you could need for them. With a choice of over 50 tartans, kids hires range between £100- £160 depending on the tartan.

All hires come with black argyle Braemar jacket or prince Charlie jacket , white shirt, black bow or ruche tie, kilt ,belt & buckle, basic sporran, black socks , flashes, & shoes (please note Sgian Dubh and kilt pin are only given for hires 5 years and up)

With optional upgrades : - black shirt / plain or tartan ties / white or silver socks +£5 each

- tweed jackets in navy/ silver/ charcoal/ lovat green +£25

- shoulder plaid and brooch +£20

-extra Jacobite shirt +£10

We recommend boys come in 4-6 weeks prior to the function for a re-measure due to growth. communion kilt orders should be placed 3/4 months ahead of time.

Long hires

Our typical 1 weekend hires are for a hire around 5 days , we have your hire ready a few days prior so if you have a Saturday event you usually pick up on a Thursday and will return the hire on the Monday. We offer what's called a long hire. This is when you may be travelling farther out and will have the kilt pack for longer than one weekend this comes at an additional fee of +£50 per extra weekend for our own stock & +£100 extra per weekend for imported & specialised stock. We suggest for long hires to book further in advance to ensure availability of the tartan kilt for your function date.

Late hires

Although it's preferred you book between 6-9 months prior to the function, we understand things can happen when you need a last minute hire. We will do the best we can based on availability to find a suitable kilt pack that suits your needs last minute. We cant guarantee full availability of our hire stock range but we will always find something. There is a late hire fee of +£10 for each hire made 2 weeks before the function date.

how much does it cost to hire a kilt

Special discounts on party bookings

We offer a party discount for groups of 6 on a selection of 20 tartans including our own exclusive Bute heather collection. In this offer when you book 6 hires you will get the 6th hire free up to the value of £160 discount.

The discount can be used for 1 free hire or taken off the overall cost of the party booking.

For example : 5 Kilt packs at £110 = £550 + 1 free hire = 6 kilts for the price of 5 (£550)


6 Kilt packs at £110 = £660 - 1 free hire = £660 - £110 = £ 550 / 6 } 6 kilts at £91.66 each

*Please note for the party booking discount all party booking should be taken at the same time with deposit all taken at the same time with qualifying tartans.

Hire any tartan for £325

Hire any tartan is an offer where u can hire any tartan we have available 150+ for a set price of £325. This may seem like a jump for our exclusive hire price but works out better value for money as imported kilts for hard to access tartan hires can quickly reach the £325 mark and with hire any tartan you can choose any tartan & we will make you a 2.7m double width heavyweight machine finished kilt made to your own measurements.

When you hire any tartan we get the kilt made and give you all the jacket , waistcoat and accessories to go with it just like any other hire kilt pack. There is room for specialist upgrades with additional fees.

how much does it cost to hire a kilt

If you wish to keep and own the kilt for an extra +£100 ( total price of £425) you're getting a custom made kilt for £425 & a free hire of all the accessories and jacket, waistcoat & shoes.

This works out as great value for money compared to the cost of a standard made to measure kilt . Kilts can be kept as a memento of a special day , be re-worn to multiple functions , passed down through generation or to own a piece of Scottish tradition, heritage & history.

Budget kilt packs -

We aim our hardest to make highland wear to be as accessible and affordable as possible but with the cost of living rising we do have our very last range of kilt packs.

Our budget kilt packs are more intended for corporate events as it's based on pure availability what you will get. Like all the other ranges you will still get everything you will need for your occasion in particular this kilt pack comes with a prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat, with shiny buttons and matching shiny accessories, black dress sealskin sporran, chain straps, kilt pin , white shirt, black bow or ruche tie, black socks, black ghillie brogue shoes , flashes & Sgian Dubh. (To fit sizing of 34''-56'' chest & 28'' - 50'' waists)

Your kilt however will be a randomly selected tartan usually from our Bute heather range based on availability of stock and your particular sizing. This is why we only recommend this for corporate events & must be booked 4 months before the function to ensure stock levels.

The budget kilt packs come in at £85 and discounts cannot be applied.

Hire individual items -

You can hire items individually from us at these prices:

Kilt ( own stock) men - £75 boys - £65 imports - £125

Jackets/ Black jacket & waistcoat - £75 - £65 - £100

Black waistcoat only - £30

Antique buttons - £100

Tweed jacket & waistcoat - £100 - £90 - £120

Jacobite + jacket & waistcoat - £75 - £65

Belt + Buckle - £15

Sporrans/ Semi dress + Day - £20 - £15

Dress - £25

Antique - £30

Mink & Racoon - £40

Footwear /Ghillie Brogues - £20 - £20

Socks - £10 - £10

Flashes - £10 - £5

Shirts / White - £10 - £10

Black - £15 - £15

Ties & Ruches - £10 - £5

Now we have an understanding of how kilt packs are priced , it may seem a bit complex and overwhelming but our instore experts are more than happy to help you with styling and suggestions on what pairs well & our website has styling imagery that works well with each tartan.

We hope this guide has given a better understanding of how we price our hires and how many options we have. Our experts will always try to accommodate everyone as much as we can.

For any additional information on our hire collection , you can visit or email us at or give us a call on 0141 889 4879

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