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Black tartan kilts - which one should I hire?

Updated: Mar 30

Black tartan kilts are ideal for their neutrality but also stand out against a traditional boring suit. Some people mistake tartan as this garish over patterned fabric when in reality there is thousands of tartans in every colour pattern and design you could think of from a simple black or grey kilt to something like an Anderson tartan full of colour. Black tartans are suitable for people wanting a more clean simple highland wear look.

Black kilt outfit

Why wear a black kilt?-

As mentioned before some people misconstrue kilts to always have to be loud and flashy which isn't the case, the beauty of a kilt outfit is that it can be completely customised to your own style. We are proud to offer the largest tartan range in Scotland to accommodate for everyone's preferences from the super colourful to the classic neutrals. The majority of our best sellers are most neutral based tartans and classic colours that are always fashionable like greys, blues, greens, beiges and browns.

Wearing a black kilt is one of the perfect ways to rock a kilt subtly and tastefully, many people opt for charcoal based tartans to allow some pattern through but there is many straight up black tartans and some that are dark with subtly patterns to allow little bits of colour peak through.

The beauty in a kilt outfit is you can customise your kilt hire for your occasion from day to night, we have something to offer for all causal, semi formal and formal occasions. If your wondering why you could consider a black kilt some reasons could be... if your looking for a more subtle tartans, or maybe an event guest looking to look smart but not too flashy, maybe simplicity is your style and a clean smart black kilt is ideal for you.

Examples of black tartans-

Black is a predominant colour in lots of tartans, despite there only being a few pure black tartans, there are many black tartan with minimal colour like the examples below.

Celtic black- Black base with white accents.

Scottish national black- Charcoal base with black, purple, white and cream accents.

Stewart grey- Charcoal base with Black, grey, red, purple accents.

Douglas grey- Mid grey base with black accents.

Eternity - Charcoal base with black, white and mauve accents.

Granite city- Dark grey base with white and black accents.

Black isle- All black base with Black pattern

Black watch DA modern- Dark green base with black and dark blue accents

Hume modern- Deep navy base with black, red and green accents.

Black tartan recommendations-

Despite some of the tartans we just covered we also suggest some of our Bute Heather collection if your looking for dark neutral tartans. Our Bute Heather collection is exclusive to kiltsforhire and is curated of tartans designed by our very owner Ken MacDonald and have been best sellers for over a decade. The collection features a range of tartans designed for easy styling and easy fit in with most colour palettes.

With the exception of a few, most of the Bute Heather tartans feature a dark charcoal grey base with subtle pops of colour, the dark base and unique use of colour creates striking tartans which are the most versatile range of tartans for any occasion and styling.

Black Bute - Perfect if you want a proper all black tartan with a subtle pattern.

Kyles of Bute- Charcoal base with black, grey and royal blue accents.

Glen Callum- Charcoal base with black, grey and sky blue accents.

Grey Bute- Mid grey base with white, black and grey accents.

Hunting Bute- Charcoal grey base with black, grey and Light pink accents.

Midnight Bute- Similar to grey Bute but with a sage green centreline with grey and black accents.

Stradd- Dark grey base with purple and charcoal accents.

St Mirren- Charcoal base with black and red accents.

Weathered Bute- Dark grey base with black, white and tan accents.

Why hire with us-

We are a 4th generation family business established in the heart of paisley, our business has been living and breathing quality highland wear since 1909 bringing the best Scotland has to offer directly to you. We are experts in our field, family run with family values and expertise. There's no big corporate chain here just a team who share genuine passion for what we do.

We bring the best quality competitively priced kilt hires to the market alongside the largest tartan range available in Scotland. Our hire kilts, jackets and accessories are enduring statements of quality from all scottish kiltmakers, suppliers and tartan mills.

Our hires include everything you could need for the perfect kilt outfit completely customised to you, your hire includes:

  • A quality 8 yard heavyweight kilt in your selected tartan with matching flashes

  • A super lightweight breathable 100% wool kilt jacket and waistcoat in your selected style and colour

  • A shirt, tie, socks and shoes

  • A quality animal fur sporran with matching chain straps

  • A Sgian dubh and Kilt pin to match the rest of your accessories.

Your kilt hire can be completely tailored to you, our staff are more than welcome to help you with styling the best outfit for your occasion alongside our instore alterations team ready to ensure your hire fits like a dream and you look and feel a million dollars.

If you have any enquires on kilt hire or anything else we would love to welcome you instore or alternatively you can reach us at or call us on 0141 889 4879
You can browse our full hire range here.

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