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Hire A Grey Tartan Kilt

Updated: Feb 5

This guide will explain the purposes and versatility of wearing a grey neutral tartan & how they can be worn to a multitude of events.

At Kilts for hire we offer 25 different grey tartan variations that are perfect for any occasion.

Grey neutral tartans are some of the most common tartans hired as they serve a multitude of purposes.

So why choose a grey tartan?

Grey tartans are perfect for neutral wedding colour schemes , our Bute heather exclusive collection features a beautiful range of black / grey kilts with small pops of colour to tie wedding colour schemes together and to create a cohesive party outfit looks.

wedding party standing outside wearing grey kilts
Groomsmen party wearing stradd tartan

Neutral tartans are so versatile as they are perfect for wedding parties , guests , they can be worn to proms , formal dinners & corporate events.

Neutral tartans are relatively universal meaning if you don't have a clan tartan for your name or wish not to wear a clan tartan there's many grey neutral tartans you can chose from.

Our exclusive Bute heather collection

A majority of the hires we put out are actually from our own Bute heather range , only available at Houston Kiltmakers designed by Ken MacDonald. these tartans are exclusive to Kilts for hire and cannot be found anywhere else , the Bute heather collection is extremely versatile by being fairly grey neutral with pops of colour to tie any highland wear outfit together.

Lets see some examples :

* you can double click the images to take you to the relevant tartan swatch hire page*

These are just some of our Bute heather collection available for hire only from Houston Kiltmakers ( Kiltsforhire )

We also offer more than just our own stock we also a have a range of universal grey neutral tartans available for hire perfect for any occasion and easily styled.

All tartans are subject to availability so we recommend booking 6-9 months in advance to secure your first choice.

Here's some examples of the many other universal tartans we can hire :

We are proud to offer the largest tartan selection in Scotland and only hire the best quality jackets , kilts & accessories.

For any additional advice on tartan selection , styling , booking & availability , feel free to contact us at or give us a call on 0141 889 4879.
You can even visit us in store and our instore experts have decades worth of experience and more than welcome to any enquiries in person or remotely.

To explore our hire range you can find our hire options through or to explore made to measure & buy outfits can be found at

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