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What Kilt Accessories Should You Hire?

Updated: Jun 1

Kilt outfits have a lot of detail that build the structure of the look and compliment your customised kilt outfit for the day. It can seem overwhelming when customising kilt packs and choosing accessories , this guide will breakdown what you could need for any type of kilt outfit for multiple occasions.

What actually comes in a Kiltsforhire kilt pack? :
picture of kilt hire bag & acessories
Your hire has everything your kilt outfit needs

At Kiltsforhire our hire kilt packs are comprehensive of everything you could need for any kilt outfit occasion .

Your kilt pack is completely customisable tailored to you and your event , you get to pick out everything and every detail.

Your hire includes over £1500 worth of premium highest quality kilt, jacket & accessories for a starting hire price of £110

So what's included ?

- heavy weight 8 yard Kilt double width tartan , with adjustable sizing and offering the largest tartan range available for hire.

- Our super light weight finest quality tweed jackets available in multiple styles , colour ways & button finishes.

- A shirt of your choice of white/black shirt in Batwing/ Standard collar.

- High quality animal fur Sporran & Chain Straps

- Choice of Rushe, Bow, Standard tie in any plain colour / matching tartan

- Belt & Buckle , Kilt pin, Cufflinks, Flashes, Socks & Ghillie Brogues.

Everything is included as part of your kilt hire to complete your look.

Choosing your accessories:

Kilts can be worn to multiple types of events & occasions, you can customise your hire for your own event attire, this guide will breakdown what you would need for different types of occasion.

First off like any hire , is picking your tartan.

Styling your highland wear outfit is easiest once you've chosen your tartan for the event.

For a day outfit (Less formal, more smart casual):

Jacket - We would recommend our Tweed day jackets available in , Navy, Charcoal & Silver, with Black buttons.

(Silver tweed jackets have optional antique button upgrade for +£60)

We would recommend a White or Black Standard collar shirt with a Standard tie available in a matching plain colour or tartan tie.

Sporran- We recommend a Day Sporran which is all Leather with no fur for less formal occasions.

We would recommend a matching colour of socks to the jacket/kilt.

(Some accessories will always be worn regardless of occasion like your Kilt pin, Flashes , Sgian Dubh & Ghillie Brogues.)

For semi formal event :

Jacket - we suggest a Black Braemar or Tweed day

Jacket, (Braemar jacket upgrade available for antique buttons +£60)

Shirt - We recommend either Standard/Batwing shirt , styled with a Standard or Rushe tie in plain colour or tartan.

Sporran - A Semi Dress Sporran would be the most appropriate , leather sporran with animal fur & tassels.

Accessory finishing can be upgraded to antique hardware for a semi formal event.

All other accessories are included , Kilt pin , Sgian Dubh, Flashes, Belt & Buckle, Cufflinks, Socks & Ghillie Brogues.

For formal / evening event:

Jacket - We suggest a Prince Charlie , Sherrifmuir or Braemar jacket for formal attire. (Antique button upgrade available for these jackets.)

Shirt- We would recommend a Batwing shirt in your choice of colour.

We would recommend styling with a Ruche or Bow tie.

Sporran- We would recommend a Dress Sporran which has a metal cantle & animal fur with tassels.

Accessory finishing can be upgraded to antique hardware for a semi formal event.

All other accessories are included, Kilt pin , Sgian Dubh, Flashes , Socks & Ghillie Brogues.

Further guidance on styling:

Grooms -

Typically grooms will wear a shoulder plaid or can wear a different tartan from their grooms party to stand out at their wedding.

Finishing touches -

We offer a range of tartan products to use for decoration , memento & finishing touched for your wedding. We offer things like Ring cushions, Hand ties , Hip flasks , Table runners, Pocket squares & Garters.

We only hire out the most premium goods & accessories available but we also offer extra premium specialist accessories like , Kilt pins , Pocket watches, Flasks , Belt buckles, Cufflinks, Sgian Dubh & Clan crest packs in a variation of styles and finishings perfect to keep and treasure as a memento of your special occasion.

For any additional information on styling , hires & choosing accessories feel free to contact us at , or alternatively call us on 0141 889 4879 or pop in store.


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