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Should I Buy Or Hire A Kilt?

Highland wear is a beautiful part of Scottish tradition and culture. Celebrated all over the world by people of all nationalities, Scottish culture is welcoming anyone who wishes to partake.

What's the difference in hiring a kilt outfit to buying? Both options depend on the needs of the wearer and this guide will cover when its best to hire a kilt outfit and when to consider buying a kilt outfit.

Why chose to hire a kilt?

Well what is a hire? -

At Kiltsforhire we offer kilt packs where you pay a small hire charge for in comparison to its total value and in exchange you hire & wear the highland wear outfit to your event and return it to us when the function has passed.

What's included in the hire? -

Our complete hire kilt packs come with everything you'll need & we offer an extensive range to suit everyone's style & budget.

Within your hire you'll get:

kilt hire bag with accessories
Everything is included in your kilt hire

- A high quality breathable lightweight jacket in your selected style, colour & choice of buttons.

- High quality handmade 8-yard heavyweight kilt in your selected tartan.

- Quality shir , Wool socks, Plain or Tartan tie of choice, cufflinks, high quality fur Sporran, Chain straps, Tartan flashes, Sgian Dubh, Kilt pin & Ghillie Brogue shoes.

Majority of other kilt hire companies carry additional charges for hiring shirt and socks, at Kiltsforhire your kilt pack is inclusive of everything you'll need.

Your kilt pack is completely customisable and priced based on your selected choices , you can browse our range here and under each listed tartan are styling options and pricing.

So when is it best to hire a kilt over buying?

Hiring a kilt isn't for everyone but is perfect for those who need or want to wear a highland wear outfit temporarily without splurging thousands of pounds.

Your hire comes with everything you could need for your occasion and is completely customisable. our kilt pack hires can start from £120 and have a value of over £1500 worth of our premium highland wear.

We offer free instore alterations to your hire meaning it will fit you perfectly.

Hires are designed for one off wear & have a turnaround time in as little as a few days to same day turnaround. Unlike a buy outfit which can be around a 6-12 month turnaround excluding any alteration work.

Did you know we offer partial hires as well? If you already own a kilt we can hire you all the accessories, jacket, shoes & whatever you may be missing from your highland wear outfit.

Why choose to buy a kilt?

There are many reasons to debate between hiring a kilt outfit and buying.

The amount of times a man will wear a kilt in their lifetime will depend on their background and personal circumstances.

Why would someone choose to buy a kilt outfit? -

Many people like to invest in their own kilt outfit, so they don't have to re-hire a kilt outfit for each function repeatedly. Highland wear is designed to last and can be worn in a variation of ways formally & casually for a wide array of events.

Owning your own kilt outfit gives you the maximum customisation of your own outfit made to your specific sizes.

Typically, we see the brides wedding dress as one of the key aspects of a wedding and one of the most memorable. Owning your own highland wear outfit allows grooms and guests to feel their very best and owning their own bespoke kilt outfits is a memento of their special day or an important occasion.

Do I have to buy the whole outfit? -


Some choose to have a complete bespoke outfit while others buy just the kilt or just the jacket & hire the rest. Sometimes people will hire an outfit and buy their own sporran or accessories.

Some often chose to build their highland wear outfit over time, typically starting with a kilt or jacket.

Who would spend that much money? -

Owning and wearing a kilt outfit can be extremely sentimental & important to someone as highland wear connects cultures and embraces Scottish history & culture. Lots of Scots chose to embrace our national dress as part of their heritage and identity. scottish highland wear dress is celebrated all over the world and we sell kilt outfits to people internationally who want to embrace our national dress.

How do I choose a tartan? -

At Kiltsforhire we are proud to offer the largest tartan range available with 1000's of tartans to choose from to buy & over 50 to hire. We have something for everyone.

There are a few influences that come into picking a tartan, some choose a neutral tartan that can easily be styled and re-worn to multiple events, some choose a clan tartan of their name to take pride in their name, some match their wedding colour scheme or even pick at random.

Did you know we offer tartan design?

If you want to reinvent your family tartan or maybe don't have one you can design your own unique to you.

It's perfect to remember your special occasions. Our experts have decades worth of experience and have designed tartans for big name clients, our best selling tartans are all our own designed collections.

For any additional information on hiring kilts & accessories feel free to contact us at , come in store or call us on 0141 889 4879, you can also browse our hire range here.

You can also enquire about buying kilt outfits and find out any additional information through the same contact details or visit our buy site here to browse our buy range.

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