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Hire any tartan

Updated: Jun 1

What is exclusive hire any tartan?

At Kiltsforhire, we offer a hire any tartan deal from the price of £325. This means you can pick any tartan and hire it for a set price, you may additionally pay an extra £100 to keep and own the kilt and just hire the rest of the outfit.

Exclusive hire any tartan, tartan kilt
Clan Tartans
So what is hire any tartan?

Let's break it down, we offer you over 150 tartans all at a set starting price of £325 for hire. What tartan can I wear? Your hire includes everything you could need for the big day. Your hire will include the tartan kilt, jacket & waistcoat, shirt, cufflinks, tie, chain straps, sporran, socks, shoes, flashes, sgian dubh, kilt pin, belt & buckle and plaid (traditionally for grooms only). We recommend if you're considering this offer booking 6-12 months in advance, we offer express and long hires at an additional cost.

How do you choose?

Firstly you pick a tartan from a range of over 150, once you've found the right tartan for you we can build the rest of the hire around it. Next choosing the jacket style and colour, we offer 8 styles of our lightweight breathabke jackets in a range of colours, our expert staff can help you with any guidance on styling your kilt hire duting your consultation or additional guidance can be found on our website you can also find styling suggestions on the tartans under exclusive hire section for each tartan in hire any tartan from £325 offer. You get to pick everything from your jacket, to your socks, sporran, shirt, tie & accessory finish. You can also choose from other rarer tartans from £350 to £495.

Included in the hire, what tartan can I wear
What's Included
Additional upgrades

Although the hire price is set from £325, there is room for upgrades within the customisation of your kilt pack items. You can also upgrade for an extra £100 to keep the kilt and just hire the rest of the outfit. This works out as great value for money.

Why upgrade and keep the kilt?

Having your own kilt in whatever tartan you chose can be extremely sentimental and bring a sense of heritage and historical connection. Kilts can be seen passed down through generation to generation as family heirlooms. This is why hiring the accessories and buying the kilt is a great value for money offer, you can keep the kilt it's yours to own for a set price from £425 ( £325 hire + £100 extra to keep the kilt) , our kilts are made to last a lifetime with proper care. Owning your own kilt means it can be reworn to multiple formal events , weddings , ceremonies, graduations and more. Kilts can also be worn casually with a jumper / pullover, football shirts and some chunky boots . you may have seen kilts in a more informal setting at football games. You can see our How to wear a kilt blog post for tips on how to wear your kilt casually.

Kilt Upgrades
Additional Upgrades

About the kilt:

In the hire any tartan offer , we are making you a brand new kilt to your measurements. It's 6 yard 2.7 metre double width 16 oz teflon coated stain proof kilt. It comes with all the rest of the accessories upto the value of £80 with optional upgrades. If you wish to keep and own the kilt you can pay £100 extra and just hire the rest of the outfit. So you will have bought the kilt for £425 and free hired the accessories.You can customise the cloth weight , kilt finishing for an additional fee.

Let's use some kilt pack examples:
Pick a tartan

MacDonald of ClanRanald Muted Dress (JR213T)

Say you've chose this muted dress macdonald for your kilt , we can pair this with a black argyle braemar jacket with silver buttons and matching shiny silver belt & accessories, white shirt, & a semi dress sealskin sporran, black socks, black ghillie brogues, flashes and a black bowtie. This basic kilt pack would come in at a hire price of £325.

Lets try another example kilt pack and have some fancier upgrades:

Pick a tartan

Buchanan Ancient


Ok, now we've selected your tartan , this tartan styles well with our premium green lovat tweed jackets (+ £60), paired with brand new shirt and socks to match (+£15), plain rushe tie, antique finish on your accessories ( sporran, belt & buckle & kiltpin +£60), flashes, & black brogue shoes. This customised kilt pack would be at a hire price of £460.

how to book:

To book for hire any tartan you can walk in or arrange a consultation by emailing us or calling our store (see details below). Once you've built your hire kilt pack we will price this up and take all the details from yourself for the event. We will complete your first measure in store and go from there to order your cloth and have you back in for a re-measure before we send away for the kilt to be made, this is why we recommend booking 6 months before minimum. If consulting online you can build your kilt hire pack and leave us all the relevant information we will need for your hire which can be found under the online booking page for your selected tartan & ask you to complete a self measure form available from our website. We have guides on our webpage for self measuring. We will get back in touch with you over email about your booking details.

we hope this guide has been helpful in explaining how out hire any tartan for £325 works and for any additional information on hire tartans , offers, brochures please visit :, You can also contact us via phone at 0141 889 4879 or email us at

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