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Finding a Sage Green Tartan Kilt

Here at Kiltsforhire we are proud to offer the largest tartan range available for hire in Scotland.

but with so much choice how do you chose? Well in the end all comes down to personal preferences but our best selling & most versatile tartans are earthy & sage green tartans.

Sage green has been emerging in newer tartans & kilts, making its way to mainstream popularity due to its versatile styling & colour palette. This colour works for a range of occasions can be dressed up or down for all seasons. let's dive into sage green tartans.

green kilt hire

Why is sage green so popular?

Sage green has been a newer colour appearing in more modern tartans & has skyrocketed to become a new cult classic due to its versatility. the earthy nature inspired tones allow the sage green tartans to pop in & outdoors.

Green, particularly in its softer shades like sage, is often associated with nature, renewal, and tranquillity. For many, this colour evokes the lush landscapes of Scotland, enhancing the cultural and emotional appeal of Highland wear. Sage green complements a wide range of other colours, making it easy to coordinate with various jackets, sporrans, and accessories. This makes it an appealing choice for those looking to create a cohesive and stylish kilt outfit.

Our Exclusive weathered patriot tartan-

Weathered Patriot is one of our latest additions to the kilt hire range and has quickly become our most popular and frequently booked tartans.

This tartan is a favourite among our customers, featuring a blend of mid greys and sage greens with blue and white accent centrelines. This tartan can be styled in colour tone is a variety of ways to suit any wedding colour palette or personal style,

sage grren tartan
sage green kilt

Ideal for various colour schemes, Weathered Patriot looks great on everyone.

Its popularity highlights the rise of sage as a trendy colour in recent years, despite its rarity in traditional Clan tartan designs. It’s an excellent choice for modern Highland wear and suits a wide range of events.

We suggest pairing this tartan with a black Braemar, black Prince Charlie, silver tweed, or green lovat tweed jacket, along with your choice of socks, shirt, and other accessories.

Our new exclusive aonach more tartan-

sage green tartan

This was designed by our very own Ewan MacDonald, an expert in tartan design his fresh tartan designs bring innovative, contemporary colourways & pattern to the highland wear kilt industry.

This was designed as our new featured tartan which is predicted to follow in weathered patriots footsteps as a best selling seasonless & versatile tartan.

It also works alongside our own Bute heather range designed by us, our exclusive tartan collection is made up of the perfect seasonless tartans ideal for any occasions big or small & t suit every style.

green kilts
kilt hire
green kilt hire

Aonach more is unique for its colour blend of sage green, grey, navy blue & beige undertones. This beautiful tartan can be styled with almost any dark or blue, green jacket options & even styles seamlessly with a brown jacket & shoes.

This tartan works well in & outdoors due to its balanced colour palette and can be styled in colour to your own preferences by styling with a silver, charcoal, navy, brown or green tweed jacket or styled with a black Braemar / prince Charlie jacket for a formal occasion.

Different shades of green tartans-

If your unsure on a green tartan, there is also a wide range of mid to dark green tartans from super bright to stylish & subtle.

Dark Green tartans-

Emerald green tartans-

Light - Mid green tartans-

There is thousands of green tartans covering every shade of green but this is an example of a select few green tartan undertones & bases.

Darker greens tend to be better suited for winter / autumn occasions & style well with dark / black jackets & accessories.

Lighter greens work best for spring / summer occasions & style nicely with lighter more muted colour jackets & lighter coloured accessories & sporran.

Styling a sage green tartan-

when styling a green tartan its important to look at all the colours in the tartan as that determines the variety of ways it can be styled.

sage green kilt outfit
Weathered patriot with green lovat tweed jacket

  • If your green tartan has navy / black accent lines you can style with a dark / black jacket to let the green pop & keep the rest of the look classic & formal.

  • For more semi casual / outdoor/ daytime events you could also pick a coloured jacket based on the undertones of The tartan whether it features a little bit of brown, blue or a green tone within the tartan, to create a really cohesive look.

whether you opt for a dark coloured or light coloured jacket its best to match this in your accessories so if your wanting a more colourful look pair your jacket & kilt with a light fur sporran, matching coloured socks & possibly a white shirt.

Or if your thinking of a darker jacket this can be styled with matching socks & a dark fur animal sporran with a white or black shirt.

You can visit our website here to browse our hire collection or for any kilt hire enquiries feel free to contact us on 0141 889 4879 or alternatively email us at

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