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Kilt Hire Hillington

Houston Kiltmakers offers traditional kilts near Hillington. For impeccable fit and top-class tartan quality, choose Houston Kiltmakers to rent your Hillington kilt.

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A little bit about Hillington...

Hillington is a busy industrial area just outside of where we’re based, Paisley. Known for its shops of various trades, Hillington is an area located on the southwest outskirts of Glasgow.

In response to the changing political landscape in Europe in the mid-1930s, the British government devised a strategy to significantly increase aircraft production in the country. Led by industrialist Herbert Austin, the Shadow Factory Plan, overseen by the Air Ministry, aimed to make nine new factories. Additionally, investments have been made to facilitate the expansion of existing automotive manufacturing plants, making the transition to aircraft production smoother and more efficient.


Hiring a kilt in Hillington

We have created a helpful manual to help you find the ideal kilt for hire, whether you're in Hillington or any other part of Scotland. Don’t stress if you can’t find a shop near you, just go to the kilt hire page on our website, fill in your information and we’ll let you know when to pick it up.


About Kiltsforhire

Kiltsforhire, also known as Houston kiltmakers, is a long-standing family business that has been passed down through four generations. Since 1909, they have been specializing in highland wear and are conveniently located in Paisley, right next to Hillington. They take pride in offering top-notch highland wear at prices that won't break the bank. Being situated outside of the capital, their hires are approximately 20% more affordable compared to renting directly from there. The team at Kiltsforhire is not only incredibly knowledgeable but also dedicated to providing the best quality kilt outfits that offer great value for money. Renting a kilt outfit in Hillington has never been easier thanks to Kiltsforhire.

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