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*Note, Has to be booked 6+ months before function*


*Express service avaliable, phone 0141 889 4879 to hear about this option*


Cornish National Tartan is a bright yellow and black based tartan with red, blue and white overchecks. The tartan was created to commemorate the ancient kingdom of Cornwall. Each colour woven into the Cornish National Tartan has a special significance, the yellow represents gold for the old Cornish kings, the red represents the beak and legs of the Cornish Cough (type of bird) and the blue represents the sea that surrounds Cornwall. The white cross on a black background is for the banner of St. Piran, the patron saint of tinners.


Hire this kilt for £325 and get a loan of the jacket & waistcoat and all accessories for a function you have coming up, or pay an extra £100 when you come to collect your outfit and you can keep the kilt, then build up your outfit over the years,


All kilts are 6 yards basic machine finish in heavyweight(16oz)


Houston Kiltmakers Jackets are all made from super lightweight fine wool Barathea, with a range of buttons & silverwear options.

Cornish National (JR170T)


Every Houston Kiltmakers hire includes everything you need for a complete outfit, consisting of:

  • 6 yard kilt
  • Super light weight jacket & waistcoat
  • White/black shirt, standard collar or wing collar
  • Bow tie, standard tie, tartan tie or tartan ruche
  • Choice of dress/day/semi-dress sporran
  • Kilt pin, Sgian Dubh, cufflinks
  • Belt & buckle
  • Ghillie brogues
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