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Online Kilt Hire

grooms party leaning against wall
Weathered patriot kilts styled with green lovat tweed jackets

At Kiltsforhire we are proud to offer the largest selection of tartans available to our customers , we are able to do this on a global scale by exporting and posting kilt packs around the UK and the world.

Our kilt packs are accessible to anyone with a computer as you can now complete hire booking through our online store and our in store experts with decades of knowledge and experience will ensure you have the best quality highland wear goods you can find straight to your doorstep for whatever formal events you have.

Our Hires -

We will always encourage you to typically book 6 months in advance for the best availability of stock for your function date but for last minute hires we will always try to sort a kilt pack of our own Bute heather collection last minute.

Your hire includes everything you could need for any formal occasion & highland wear outfit , your kilt pack comes with :

- Selected tweed lightweight jacket with matching waistcoat

- High quality heavy weight double width kilt in your chosen tartan

- Black/White shirt in Batwing or Standard collar

- Cufflinks

- Bow, Ruche or Long tie

- Belt & Buckle

- Chain straps

- Sporran

- Kilt pin

- Socks

- Sgian Dubh

- Flashes

- Ghillie Brogues

Booking the hire online -

Our website will walk you through step by step on the decisions and customisation of your kilt pack.

The first step to any hire is picking your tartan ,

At Houston's we offer 100s of tartans for you to chose from,

We have a page for tartan gallery viewing at

We've chosen our weathered patriot

lets build a kilt pack !

We've picked our tartan lets pick our jacket.

On each tartan hire page there's pictures of the jackets we offer for help on styling and notes under the model images to help decide what pairs well.

By selecting from the drop down menu lets pick a silver tweed black button as worn in the photo.

Next up shirt , by selecting the next drop down menu we can select a black or white shirt in standard collar or batwing collar.

Follow through the rest of the drop down menus to select your Socks , Sporran , and Tie options , the rest of the hire will come with the Cufflinks. Chain straps , Sgian Dubh , Kilt pin & Ghillie Brogues.

Great! you've picked your basic kilt pack options , you can refer to the styling imagery below the model picture or see notes under tartan listing for styling guidance.

For more information on hiring a kilt you can look to our How much does it cost to hire a kilt which covers all things hire at

What details do we need for booking -

If you can't make it into store we will need self measurements taken from wherever you are , not to worry we have multiple guides , tutorials and lots of expert advice on how to take accurate measurements. You can see our how to measure for hire blog for in-depth measuring advice.

You can find our video measuring tutorials at

Additionally we need the full names , addresses , contact details & function date for each individual hire in a party & length of the hire needed.

Our team of experts will always reach out to ensure all the correct measurements , names and details for each booking.

Additional upgrades -
website drop down menu
Jacket upgrade selection

When booking your hire through our kilts for hire website , you have complete customisation of your kilt pack. The website will update the kilt pack price based on your selections , we offer premium jackets in upgraded styled like the green lovat tweed, Sherrifmuir & antique button jackets.

You also have the option to upgrade your hire shirt and socks to brand new ones to keep for an additional £30, you can upgrade your accessories to antique hardware for an additional £60.

When going through the drop down menus it will display all the possible upgrades and choices for that particular hire will be displayed with the appropriate pricing.

Party booking discounts -

At Kiltsforhire we offer a range of different priced kilt packs to suit everyone's budget , we also offer discounts on certain qualifying hires.

If you book a hire booking of 6 or more , 1 of the hires comes free so your getting 6 hires for the price of 5 on our Bute heather collection tartans(Use Coupon "6for5" on checkout for your kilt hire.)

We offer 10% off graduation kilt hires for students.

Picking up / Posting your hires -

If your within Scotland looking to hire we can post you a late hire up to 5 days before the wedding directly to your home , hotel ,venue , large events. we ship internationally with tracked delivery and insured postage so your dream kilt hire can arrive quickly and safely to your front door.

we still recommend booking at least 6-9 months ahead of the function for the most choice and availability of your selected hire. we post our your hire typically a week before the function so it arrives in plenty of time and is subject to location and length of hire.

Alternatively you could pick up from our store if possible we are just a 5 minute drive from Glasgow airport and 10 minute walk from paisley canal and Gilmour train stations.

There is multiple public transport links running from Glasgow to paisley regularly.

For any guidance on hire arrangements or large hire events feel free to give our experts a call at 0141 889 4879 or email

picture of paisley on map with arrows
Houston's is directly across from paisley museum
picture of front of kilt shop
Come see us today !

Additional information -
If you have any enquires about booking online , hire arrangements , measuring or styling assistance our in store experts are more than happy to help virtually by contacting us at or alternatively calling us on 0141 889 4879.

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