Ken MacDonald

Ken MacDonald is a Scottish businessman born in Paisley. He is best known for his work within the Scottish tartan industry and currently serves as a Governor and Vice Chairman of the Scottish Tartan Authority. As the fourth generation of the Houston Kiltmakers and boasting over 35years experience, Ken is regarded as the voice of authority on tartan, kilts, Scottish clans and Scottish heritage. Ken built up Houston Kiltmakers reputation designing the Glasgow Garden Festival staff uniform and Glasgow's Miles Better tartan for Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as designing the American National tartan to celebrate Tartan Day.

He also designed the Bute Heather tartan collection which was registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans and is a popular choice for modern and contemporary wedding hire. The exclusive range includes the variations on Bute Heather of Ancient, Autumn, Black, Grey, Midnight, Modern and Weathered.

Regarded and respected in the industry Ken provides the only shop in the world where you can see every tartan and who can special weave any tartan. Ken is as passionate about kilt making as he is about Scotland and always happy to share his knowledge with you.