How to Hire

Hire with confidence from Houston's with a choice of 100 tartans, 20 styles, 12 colours of jackets and over 2 million hire options. Each Houston Kilt Pack comes complete with everything you need to look the part for your special occasion.
All you have to do is:

  1. Check the date of your event is a minimum 30 days in advance (THE MORE TIME THE BETTER)
  2. Select an occasion for your Kilt hire
  3. Select a tartan kilt pack to suit your style
  4. Take your measurements using Houston's step by step guide (link to self measurement) or let the experts measure you up in store for the perfect fit
  5. Select sizes and colours of your 10 kilt pack items including jacket, shirt, waistcoat etc.
  6. Come into the shop for a final fitting or receive a parcel if ordering online 2 days before function date specified

Top Tips for Kilt Hire

KILT: we recommend a full 8 yard 16oz heavy weight kilt, as it sits, swings and hangs and looks a million times better.

JACKET: go for a super lightweight well cut comfortable jackets, avoid heavy boxy jackets at all costs!

SPORRANS: Go for seal, racoon, nutra, mink or grey fox where possible as they are the best quality but also look so much better!

Always ask about the age of hire stock, you don't want to have old tatty kilts on your special occasion.

Once you have enjoyed your event you can return the Kilt pack outfit to us on the first working day. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us, we love to see our happy customers!